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The Fourth National Veterinary Conference (NVC 2016) will take place in Moscow on October 19–21, 2016.

The Conference will be held in the Congress Hall (Hall N 20) in the CROCUS-EXPO International Exhibition Centre, the ultra-modern complex with the total area of about 9,000 squire meters, which is used as a venue for most of the medical congresses in the country. Large and convenient exhibition halls, spacious area of free parking, modern conference halls and rooms all represent just a small proportion of all the advantages of this largest congress hall in Europe. In 2015, NVC was attended by 3,500 participants.


Today, principles of evidence-based medicine are used worldwide as a guide for developing both standards of the selection of lectures and program curriculums for postgraduate medical education.

Evidence-based medicine is the process of systematically reviewing, appraising and using clinical research findings to provide the efficient and safe methods of disease diagnostics and treatment. Evidence-based practice implies the use of the best scientific evidence in the routine work of medical practitioners. There are also other advanced principles recognized in most countries, including Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards applicable to manufacturing of pharmaceutical or food products (GMP), and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards

To ensure dissemination of true knowledge, the Conference organizers have decided to use the principles of evidence-based medicine as guidelines in their approach to review and selection of lectures. The lecturers will also be selected based on their professional competencies, in accordance with recognized certification criteria for NVC lecturers.

Our mission is to improve professional practices in veterinary medicine.

The exhibition of the NVC should provide veterinary professionals and practices with a wide variety of opportunities of establishing business contacts and selecting necessary foods, medications, and equipment. An area of over 3,000 squire meters allocated for exhibition booths provides all market participants including medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment trading companies with most convenient conditions for presenting relevant products and services.


We, the organizers of the Conference, are veterinary practitioners. We had chosen our profession because we have always cared for the animals and their health.

High professional level of the veterinary practitioner and availability of medications, equipment, and materials are main prerequisites of reliable diagnostic and successful treatment of medical conditions.

The Conference was designed with the aim of providing veterinarians with an access to new knowledge and achievements of the modern veterinary industry. We consider the professional level of veterinary practitioners, quality of veterinary products, and quality of our own activity to be extremely important. There are no little things in our profession, and to us, every veterinary practitioner is a person bearing a greatest moral and social responsibility. Helping each of the veterinarians, we do as much as we can to facilitate the overall progress of the Russian veterinary medicine.

Sergey Mendoza, Andrei Komolov, Elena Kadochnikova

Selection criteria for the acceptance of lectures

To adhere to internationally recognized scientific and educational standards and ensure dissemination of true knowledge, the Conference organizers have decided to use the principles of evidence-based medicine as guidelines in their approach to reviewing and selecting of lectures.

The tasks of the Scientific Committee of the National Veterinary Conference

Development of educational programs
Selection of lecturers for the Conference
Review and evaluation of scientific lectures and educational programs in the context of the evidence-based medicine

NVC Lecturer requirements:

a minimum of five years experience in the area of specialization;
experience in lecturing at the conferences in the area of specialization (a minimum of five lectures at the professional conferences, and a minimum of 7 lectures at regional conferences);
good speaking qualities;
high level of material presentation, ability to engage audience, adherence to the rules of giving presentations (e.g. effects on audience concentration), adherence to the time limits in lecturing;
consistency between the contents of the lecture and best scientific veterinary knowledge;
good knowledge of the information in the area of selected discipline, published in national and international peer-reviewed periodicals in the last three years;
holding an approved qualification (diploma) of an American or European veterinary college;
publications in the area of specialization (no less than three)
international training in selected discipline abroad (at least 200 training hours);
participation in professional international conferences at least once in three years.

The decision on the acceptance of the lecturer will be made by the majority of votes, provided that 70% of all requirements have been met.

For volunteers

You are a student of a veterinary college and are willing to participate in organizing a large and prestigious conference? We invite you to volunteer your time to help our organizing committee! We are seeking enthusiastic and committed veterinary students who have already made the final decision regarding their future profession.

Working in our team on the preparation of the Conference, you will gain invaluable experience and new knowledge. In the course of the Conference, you will have an opportunity to attend interesting lectures and meet internationally renowned veterinary professionals.

Contact us: info@nvc.moscow

Call us: +7 495 984 33 90