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The Conference will be held in the Crocus-Expo International Exhibition Centre (Pavilion 3, fourth floor, Hall N 20)

Crocus Expo IEC full address: Mezhdunarodnaya 16, 65th – 66th km MKAD, Mezhdunarodnaya 16, P.O. Box 92, Krasnogorsk 143402, Krasnogorsk area, Moscow region.

By public transport:metro station “Myakinino”: exit to the exhibition centre pavilions.

By car: crossing of MKAD (Moscow City Motor Ring, outer side, 66th km) and Volokolamskoe shosse. Rooftop parking is located next to the entrance to the Conference Hall.


p>Координаты GPS: 55°49′33″N 37°23′25″E